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TDK CD-R 700MB 80-Minute 52x 50 Pack Spindle

As low as $12.99 each

Maximum performance from a legendary producer of quality media.

TDK CD-R recording media is the perfect everyday solution for recording in computer CD and DVD drives, because it offers broad compatibility with hardware brands and models. Featuring 700MB capacity, each TDK CD-R can store 80 minutes of non-compressed music, hundreds of digital photos, or large data files. The high performance discs can be played in virtually any CD or DVD/CD player, in computer drives, and in game consoles. CD-R media is write-once, meaning it can be fully recorded once and played repeatedly.

TDK CD-R 700MB 80-Minute 52x 50 Pack Spindle Specifications:
  • CD media: CD-R
  • Write speed: 52x
  • Data storage capacity: 700MB
  • Digital audio capacity: 80 Minutes
  • Quantity: 50 pack spindle
  • Recording material: Organic Dye
  • Reflective layer: Silver
  • Protective layer: UV Resin
  • Reflectivity: >60%
  • Optical retardation: 5.0-8.0mW
  • Recording power: 6~7mW (at _:785nm, NA:0.5)
  • Radial runout: <60_m (p-p)
  • Tilt angle: Within ñ.3 Degrees
  • Digital audio scanning velocity: 1.2m/s
  • Average block error rate: <20cps
  • Playback stability: >1 Million Times
  • Recording temperature: -5~55 degrees Celsius
  • Recording humidity: 5~95% RH
  • Playback temperature: -25~70 degrees Celsius
TDK CD-R 700MB 80-Minute 52x 50 Pack Spindle Features:
  • Use for music, video, photos, and data files
  • Permanently record CD-R once
  • Cannot be erased or overwritten
  • Records CD in less than 4 minutes at 52x speed
  • Playback in a CD player, CD-RW drives or CD-ROM drives
Quantity 1-4 50Packs 6 + 50Packs
Cost per 50 Pack $13.79 each $12.99 each

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TDK CD-R 700MB 80-Minute 52x 50 Pack Spindle
TDK50Pack$13.79, 6 for $77.94
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